Why Brodeur Dennis?


Our style of providing professional services emphasizes cost-benefit in developing approaches to our clients' needs.  Our delivery is timely; you will not miss any filing deadlines.  We stress the importance of using your own personnel to the extent possible as a means of reducing costs.


We believe in helping our clients anticipate and avoid possible problems, as well as in responding to their immediate needs.  In this way, we contribute to the ongoing effectiveness of the businesses we serve by helping them grow and function smoothly.  We develop and evaluate systems and procedures to improve the internal operations of your business.  We also assist in the implementation of our suggestions and recommendations.  We will provide you with both the information and an understanding of what the data means to your business.


We are here to serve you, to provide the most effective services possible tailored to your specific needs, priorities and operating style.  As professionals, we are not afraid to get involved with the real problems that are part of an organizations' everyday life.



Our Workteam

P. L. Brodeur
G. W. Dennis


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